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Dragonward Miniature Schnauzers Owner Contract (posted by member)

Dragonward Kennels Pick# 01
11975 Open Road
St. Croix, IN. 47576
(812) 843-3300

Purchase Agreement
I, Marilyn Ward, guarantee that the puppy you received as a result of the breeding of:

Dam: __
Sire: __
Born: _

To be free of any Inherited Diseases, in the event of a problem, said breeder requires veterinarian statement and x-rays or tests for proof of problem. In addition, also has the right to have puppy examined by breeder’s veterinarian (at breeder’s expense). If a problem does exist, puppy will be returned to breeder. And purchase price refunded.

All puppies are also 100% money back guaranteed for SATISFACTION! No questions asked (except for information). If you are not happy with your puppy for ANY reason, I will refund your purchase price.

All puppies should be vet checked within 72 business hours of delivery of said puppy to new owner. If puppy does not successfully pass veterinarian check, said puppy may be exchanged for another puppy of equal value or refund of purchase price.

Said breeder will furnish records of all shots and worming up to date of sale. Breeder also guarantees if the AKC papers are not available at time of purchase, said papers will be forwarded to the new owner as soon as they arrive from AKC.

In regard to deposits: Deposits are Refundable

Purchase Price: $______
Deposit: $ _____
Balance: $ _____
Make checks payable to Marilyn Ward
• If paid with personal check please fill in spaces below:

SS #
Drivers License #
Check #
2nd Check #

I, the buyer, have been informed of feeding habits (diet in particular) and been advised regarding the training of my new puppy. Furthermore, I also understand that any time in the future, I may call the breeder for any further advice in regards to any of these matters. I also hereby agree that if the said puppy should be a male, I understand that he will be sold on a limited registration unless otherwise agreed to by the breeder and the same instructions are set forth for a female pup. This means that the puppy, (in adulthood) shall NOT be bred at any time. If the said puppy should be a full registration I also agree that I must first contact the breeder, (Marilyn Ward) before breeding to any other purebred schnauzer.

Male pup

Unlimited _ _

Female pup

Limited ___
Unlimited _ _

Papers received _______ Papers to be mailed

Deposits on unborn pups

If this is a deposit for yet to be born pup, I the buyer have informed the said breeder of the sex and color of the pup desired. If for any reason the breeder is not able to supply the preferences indicated the buyer has the option for either a full refund of his/her deposit or has the option of leaving the deposit for a future litter in which they will have first choice of a pup. In either case, I also agree to complete the registration papers in their entirety and will be sure to fully register him/her.

Puppy Preference

Salt/Pepper Male _ __ Salt/Pepper Female _ _
Black/Silver Male Black/Silver Female __ _
Solid Black Male ___ Solid Black Female

Return Policy

I also agree as the purchaser of this pup, that if at anytime I am unable to keep the dog for any such reason, (moving, financial, death etc.), that I am bound by this agreement to contact Marilyn Ward first and foremost before offering it up for adoption in a local paper, placing it in a shelter or with a friend.

The previous has been read and agreed upon by all parties on this date:__________

Owner: ________________
Address: ________________.
City: ____________State: ___ Zip:___________
Phone: ______________ Work: Cell:
E-Mail Address: ____________________

Seller: Marilyn Ward
Address: 11975 Open Road
City: St. Croix State: IN Zip: 47576
Phone: (812) 843-3300
E-Mail Address: dragonward@msn.com

Signature: _______________________

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