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What is the best trick your dog has taught you?
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What is the best trick your dog has taught you?
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What is the best trick your dog has taught you?

the best trick my dog ever taught me was how to bark like a dog. I learned it from him because he always barks.that is what my dog taught me


What is the best trick you have ever taught your dog?

Although we have taught many tricks over the years, the greatest trick (at least for others) is the dogs that show the children at the schools to ""Stop, Drop and Roll"". However my personal favorite is the flying dog - a male of ours that leaps to 6 1/2 feet from a sit to retrieve what ever it is


Who is your favorite dog from TV or movies?

Asta, From The Thin Man Movie (1934)



What is the funniest thing your dog has ever done?

My male long haired chihuahua, tired of my neighbors Jack Russel harassing him through the fence, lifted his leg and pee'd on the JRs head.

He was looking at me and ran directly into a wall, if that wasn't bad enough he walked into our pool a few seconds later


Does your dog LIKE going to the vet?

She's not sure... she gets excited to go for a ride, but then when we start in the door at the vet's office she freezes. Once we're inside, though, she's in heaven.

Like? My dog Scout LOVES going to the vet! She knows that is where she gets a lot of attention and treats. She is a big girl so she has to go to the back to get weighed and I can always hear other employees fawning over her. One time when we had to get shots as well I heard the tech telling


What is your dog's favorite game to play?

Tug o war, without a doubt. He will keep trying to put toys in my hand to tug with him.

50% fetch, where I throw a ball, then she runs and gets it, and immediately lays down and starts chewing on it!


Do you think dogs can read our emotions?

of course, body movements are words to dogs, our emotions can show all over us...and dogs read that, have great sense of energy

I don't think they so much read our emotions as it is them responding to the way we act or when our routines or way of behaving changes, then they notice something is different.


What's the coolest dog name you ever heard?


Riverstead's Mad Dog Skull Cap ""Deogie pronounced D.O.G.


Where does your dog sleep?

He sleeps in his own room on a big dog pillow thing..

My three youngest sleep in the bed with me. One on the other pillow and the other two spread out across the bed. The little male will even """"tuck"""" me in, if my hand or arm is exposed he will come over and pull covers over it.


What breed do you think makes the best companion, and why?

Aussies! Because they are licking your tears away when you cry, and forcing you to play when you are scared to go outside, and acting the clown until you remember how to laugh again.

I have ben an obedience trainer for over 25yrs. In my opinion there is nothing like a German Shepherd as a loyal, devoted and extremely intellegent companion. Excellent family and childrens dog. They are very in tune with their owners feelings.


What is your dog's strangest trick?

My dog learned how to skateboard! Well, getting there, anyway. She can ride it and push, but still working on steering...

My dog Katie will go get the newspaper every morning and take it out of the plastic bag!


What special way do you spoil/pamper your dog?

By giving them treats even if they don't do any of the tricks you tell them to do whatsoever.

They sleep with me and I cook for them.


What breed do you think is the most elegant? Why?

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier for sure!!! Tri color silk coat!!! Wow! They can be everywhere with you!

I think Maltese are the most elegent! The way they walk and their gorgeous coats that flow to the ground. They have good personalities


What is the strangest animal friend your dog has?

My MIni Schnauzer Coco Chanel has always loved my husbands hankerchiefs. She will dig at his pockets until she can retreive it. She usually drags one around the house all day long.


Does your dog prefer to play with people, or with other dogs?

My dogs just love attention from other people but prefer being around other dogs



What is your dog's favorite toy?

stuffed AKC mallard duck toy

I have two Mini Schnauzers that are almost two years old. They love balls (especially tennis balls for dogs). The Female loves all toys; yet we have a whole box of stuffed animal toys that look like they have been gutted. The male is calm and the female can destroy and demolish almost all stuffed to


Does your dog seem to enjoy a bath?

at first he didnt but after one time with barbies in the tub he loved so now we have to get barbies for him for a bath for a dog!!!!!!!

Yes. But then they are Golden Retrievers so they were bred to like water.


Do you take your dog to a groomer?

Absolutely. They get so excited when we get to the groomer. I think it's their ""spa day.""

Yes! Our Havanese go all the time, not HUGE fans but they deal and my Neo LOVES it! Our groomer is great!


What breed do you think is best for people in the city?

Dachshunds are curious, lively, charming, and brave. They are comical and love to play and they have a great sense of humor. They are very loyal and become very attached to their family, and they believe sleeping under the bed covers is in the Dachshund Bill of Rights. Dachshunds are often ke

The bolonka of course! The Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka was bred for life in a the city.


Who was smarter: Benji or Lassie? Why?

Lassie of course! Their is not a better dog then a Collie,loyal,protective,but not aggressive.No bad vices.The Only dog for a family with children,a best friend forever.And a perfect show dog for juniors,smart,eager to please.We love our Collies!!


What breed do you think is the most friendly? Why?

I will forever love my Aussies, but the standard poodle will still get my vote as the most friendly, fun-loving, outgoing breed.

I think most dogs are friendly if they have been treated right and raised by friendly people. But like people, you'll find a few grumpy dogs along the way. It's best to let a dog come to you instead of trying to pet it right away. All in all though, I think Labs are the friendliest.


Do you think it's important for kids to grow up with a dog?

Yes. Because you wouldn't feel lonely anymore. Dogs or puppies burst you with energy and happiness.

I think it is more important that you are willing to accept all dog responsibilities up to 15 years of life. A Dog is an addition to the family, should be consider another child. If all research is done prior to choosing a dog for your child or family, then a positive result should be the outcome.


What breed do you think is the cutest?

The Havanese...of course

Dachshunds! They have the GENTLEST face. They are BY FAR the custest dogs!


Do you prefer big dogs or small dogs, and why?

big dogs, they don't potty all over the house!

I perfer big dogs on the whole, because I think they are more adaptable, rough-and-ready, easily trained and are better with children, and simply easier to live with. But larger dogs are not for everyone and are likely to make a small home seem even smaller.


What silly pet name do you have for your dog?

smartie pants

We call my Dachshund Zilla (his real name is Timmy) and we call my Pomeranian Hoof (his real name is Harley)