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Please note that all breeders posting on are responsible for the content in their listings, and each has accepted site terms of use which acknowledge that responsibility and indemnify If you believe a breeder listed on has posted on this site copyrighted material belonging to you, then you MUST CONTACT THAT BREEDER DIRECTLY and address the alleged infringement.

The form below allows you to notify of the alleged infringement. In keeping with the standards set by the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, will temporarily remove the questioned content once the completed form has been received. Submission of this form functions solely to inform of the content in question; it remains your responsibility to contact the breeder in question and resolve the content dispute.

File Copyright Complaint

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Please provide as much detail as possible, including what contact, if any, you have had with this breeder. Please include link(s) to your original text and/or photos that you are claiming ownership rights to.
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