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Below are links to appropriate forms and their descriptions. Before completing any inquiry or complaint form please review the site Terms of Use. Particularly, note that (1) does not evaluate or endorse any breeders listed on the site nor warranty any puppy or dog obtained from a listed breeder or any transaction for that or any other purpose, and (2) All breeder members and forum members are solely responsible for the content of their posts.

Report Message Forum Abuse
Use this form to report a member of the message board who is breaking any of the posted message board rules, such as using profanity, promoting their own commercial website, leaving angry or defamatory posts, etc.

Report Possible Scammer
Use this form to report someone who is sending emails via the site that appear to be part of a typical Internet scam, such as the "I pay you a lot extra and you forward the extra to my shipping agent" scam. For more information about scams, click on Message Board on the left menu bar and see the first topic for a Scam discussion.

Report Email Abuse
Use this form to report someone who is sending emails via the site that are off-topic, sales oriented, "SPAM," profane, or seem generally inappropriate.

Report Copyright Infringement
Use this form to report one or more photos or text that a breeder has posted on this site, which you attest belong to you.

File Breeder Complaint
Use this form to report a breeder that you (1) have dealt with personally and has been dishonest or employed poor, unethical practices, or (2) appears to be in violation of the site Terms of Use agreement. Please note that any transactions entered into with any listed breeder is at your own risk and plays no part in such transaction nor the resolution of any resulting dispute. Any dispute must be handled with the breeder directly. This complaint form functions solely as informational feedback on a listed breeder and does not imply any interest, liability, or action by