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Breed:   Tibetan Terrier   |   Member Since 4/19/2015
The application below has been created and posted by this member, and when this application is completed, the answers are submitted only to this member, and this member may choose to respond at his/her discretion. does not review any completed applications.
I am very careful about placing my pups in a responsible, educated home. Here are some questions in a questionnaire to get me to know more about you :
Contact Information
Phone Number
What made you decide you wanted a Tibetan Terrier?
Have you had dogs in the past? If so, what breeds? And for how long?
How many adults are in the household? How many children? Please list the ages of the children.
Have you done any research on this breed if you have never owned a Tibetan Terrier?
Do Any members of your family have allergies?
Do you currently have any other pets?
Do you have a fenced yard? If not, explain your plans for exercising your dog.
How long do you plan to leave your puppy during the day? If adults are in the house or will come home to walk.
Have you ever taken your dog to obedience classes
Have you ever crate trained a puppy?
Where will the puppy sleep after it is trained?
Would you describe the household as : Very active______ Fairly Active_____ Laid Back________
Preferences: Do you have certain interests or goals for your dog?
Would you consider showing your Tibetan Terrier or having someone show it for you?
Are you interested in competition in performance events such as Obedience or Agility or Therapy?
Do you eventually want to use your Tibetan Terrier for Breeding?
If you are interested in a companion only, will you spay or neuter you dog?
Please list two reference that I may contact
If you currently have pets, who is your veterinarian?
If you've ever had a purebred dog in the past, please list the breeder of this dog.
Please list sex preference of the puppy.