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Dominos Miniature Dachshunds

Breed:   Dachshund   |   Member Since 6/21/2007
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What is your name? Your age? Your home address? E-mail address? Contact phone number?
Contact Information
Phone Number
Are you interested in a "Pet Only" or show/breed quality?
Are you interested in a male, female or either? Are you interested in a longhair, a smooth hair or either?
Do you have a coat color/pattern preference? How many people living in your household?
Are there any children in your household and If so what are their ages? Do you have any pets now and If so what are they?
Have you ever lost a pet to old age, sickness, carelessness, etc? Have you ever owned a Dachshund? If so please share your experiences:
If you have never owned a Dachshund please list any research and experiences you have with this breed. How did you come to the decision that this is the ideal breed for you?
Have you any knowledge or experience with training and caring for a new pup?
Are you aware that with the proper care, love, health and nutrition your new family member could be with you up to 18 years?
How many hours per day will this pup be left alone? Where will he/she spend his/her alone time If any?
Where will this pup spend most of the day? The night? Who will be the most responsible for the care and training of this pup?
Are you financially able to care for this new pup throughout It's entire life including timely veterinary visits?
If your new pup happens to get a hold of a pair of your favorite shoes and destroys them how will you handle the situation? If your new pup makes a big mess or stain on your expensive new white carpet how will you handle the situation?