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Dominos Miniature Dachshunds

Breed:   Dachshund   |   Member Since 6/21/2007
Location Austin, TX
Contact Melissa
Phone 512-285-0958
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Registration:    AKC   CanKC   
Only TWO PIEBALDS have finished their championships on the WEST COAST- both of these girls I bred and finished in my name only - they are Darcy MWP and Pumpkin MWP- pictured below.

I bred the first Duel titled wire pie and the first tracking titled wire pie. I have the first piebald long male champion as well and the second long female champion. so many lovely little dogs with ability.
At Dominos Dachshunds I breed for stable temperaments, correct size and conformation that allows the dog to be shown in most venues thur AKC/FCI/UKC or CKC esp Performance and conformation events.
I keep my numbers small so that I can give individual attention to them all.
All the dogs that are pictured on this site I bred and put titles on. Most live in an alternate home at this time. I believe in placing my finished champions in pet homes around the age of 4 to 5.
I have tested for Cerf and patella's on my breeding dogs and also have done some of the OFA hips and temperament tests. Doing all these tests does not guarantee that the dogs will not get something genetic. Breeders are not gods and there are still to many problems that do not have markers so we do not know unless it shows up or the breeders we have received our lines from lets us know what they have had to deal with.
Any money I make goes back into my dogs/kennel - some of my husbands as well, for the love of the breed , for the health of those dogs I breed.
If any dog you get from Dominos has a genetic problem you can send me proof of spay/nuter from the vet and I will send you another to replace it at the soonest possible date. If I sell you a dog it cannot be sold or given away to any one else- it must come back to Dominos unless we agree to it. We will need to talk via phone to make a good choice for you and the dog.

Ch Dominos Aces cassandra MWP
Ch Dominos Ace's Royal Flush
DCh Dominos Piece Of The Rock
Dominos Chloe MSP JE
Dominos Humble Pie MLP (13pts)
Y'not Cindy (out of Ch MElod
can ch Miss American Pie MSP
Ch Dominos Pumpkin PIe MWP ROM
Can Ch Dominos Mini Black Pear
CanAm Ch Showoffs Charles MS
Dominos Tickle Me Elmo MSP (1s
Panda JE smiling
Dominos Vanna White MSP CD
Sunny MLCream
Dominos Cookie v Melody MWP
Ranger MSP
typical ML puppy from Dominos
Ch Dominos Depth of Winter MLc
Dominos Lil Tabittha MSBcp
brindle baby smooth
brindle adult avail
Loki red wire male pup
Pepper on the swing
Big Easy MS wild boar
Licorace MS
lucy stacked
Hunter MLcp