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Fill out the following form to place your ad. Your ad will stay on the system for approximately 4 months. Visitors will be able to email you via a form which keeps your email address private. Privacy Policy
Note: This is the place to post if you have a dog to place a dog in a rescue home, or if you are interested in being a rescue home for a dog. Rescue organizations are welcome to post here as often as needed. Adoption fees for rescue are expected, but listings with an adoption fee of over $150 will not be approved without prior authorization.

Please note the following important points:
  • This is not the place to post puppies for sale. For information on placing litter announcements go here.
  • Listings looking specifically for intact (not fixed) dogs and/or dogs that "will breed" will NOT be approved.
  • We strongly discourage offering a dog or puppy FREE TO A GOOD HOME. Your intentions are certainly good, but there are too many horror stories of people using free dogs/puppies as "bait" to train fighting dogs, selling them for medical research, etc. So we recommend asking a small fee (say $25), and donating that to your local rescue shelter.
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