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We didn't rescue her, "She rescued us"
Rena strolled down our driveway 12 years ago; she was 5. We found her owner who had cancer and was looking for a home for her. We wanted her and he wanted us to have her...She found us. For 12 years we loved her; she was our child. She loved back unconditionally and gave us many memories. We said good-bye to our 17 year old baby girl and the tears flow and my heart still aches. However, we still smile and find laughter when we remember the joy you brought us. We will thank GOD for the rest of our lives for letting us be your Mommy and Daddy for 12 years. We learned a lot from you... The most wonderful dog in the world ::) Your sister is carrying on in your paw prints, but she misses you too. We are blessed to have her.
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