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My precious baby girl </3
I got my Luna-Beare about a month after my dog, Griffen , died of old age. Every single night Luna slept in my bed snuggled up in a ball right up against me. I miss the smell of her. And the way she use to get so excited when she saw me get home from school. She would get so excited and wag her tail so hard who whole body would shake. But she had only ONE flaw. She got loose a lot. Even though we had a fenced in yard for her. One day she got loose and right down the street , got hit by a car. I remember that day so perfectly. it was already a horrible day because of a kid on my bus making fun of me. But then this? i didnt even get to see you that day. I miss you so much Lunababy and i cant believe your gone. I had separation anxiety whenever i wouldnt be with you and now not being able to see you ever again . . . its just killing me inside. I miss you so so so much ! RestEasy</3
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