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holly wood/ the schnauzer angle/love you always
holly wood was my daddy"s dog
she was with him since high school(he's 40 now).
holly was 19 years old when she had to be put down.
she had cancer,tumers,and all kinds of things.
she was fully blind and fully deaf.
if you wanted her to come to you,you would have to keep a line attached to her coller.
there was now reason to waste your breathe on her.

Holly,although you weren't my dog, I still love you.
you are missed right alone with ellie , yogi, and lady tuesday.
tell them I love them.

daddy never said he missed you, but you can she that he misses you every day.
Holly pants.
aunt morressa loves you so much.
and so does daddy.
love you.
aunti morressa
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