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to all who has lost a friend
don't worry,you'r not alone.I have gone though this many a times.
ellie,and lady tuesday along with many more.
I miss those dogs more than any thing in the world.
i have this one dog right named sugar baby that ive had since i was 3.
i dont no how ill take when shes gone.
i love her.
just today
she was coming up the steps from outside.
she got up to the 4th step and lost her footing and fell.
she holled when she hit the grounmd.
i stared to cry.
she got back up and looked at me ,scared.i ran inside and got a towl and put under stomach and lifted.
and she was a big dog.
lab/golden retriever mix.
i got in side a put her in her crate and gave an asprine,and benadrilye to make her rest.

i hope she will not hert in the morning.

i hope she will die on her own tghan me have to make discenshon.

this to all of you who have lost a friend.

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