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Our little Love-Oreo
Kildare's Oreo Delight. What a delight you were. I miss that beautiful little face, I miss trying to sneak a kiss. I think of the first night at home with us, how you cried for your furry family - and I laid beside you, rubbed your soft little head and "shhhh'd" until your cries turned to sighs, and then you fell asleep, you looked just like an angel. Your last night at home you beautiful, I laid beside you, "shhhh'd", you slept and yu looked like an angel again. The pain seemed to disappear, the stress removed from your beautiful face. The face in the car that morning was of a young pup. My little dolly. I laugh when I think of you jumping over Nanas head, running over the pool cover, being chased to come in the house, head butting the cupboard to get your treats. I miss our little boy. I never knew I could love you so dearly - I do and always will. I cannot wait to steal another kiss when we meet again. Stay warm in grandma's love until we get there baby boy. "this is th
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