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My Ginger
I miss my dog Ginger. But something weird happened to me after she died. I can't cry for her. I can't morn her death. I wonder if it is her that is watching over me? Does she not want me to hurt? I am an Emergency Medical Technician and my brother called me over to see her when she was acting weird. He had me listen to her lungs and the such. When I listened I herd what sounded to me as "wet lungs". But I wasn't completly sure. I didn't know what to do. My brother told me it would be alright, so I left. The next day she was gone. When I looked at her, I knew she had suffered. I hate myself for this. It is my fault she suffered! I love animals more than I love humans. Why did this happen? She was the only dog my family ever had. I remember everything about her. From the time I brought her home to her death. My family saved her from an early death. She had worms really bad and was a kennel dog. She had a breathing problem from when we met her on. Is this what kill
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