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Breed Information
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Dachshund Picture
The Dachshund At a Glance
Recognized By
Country of Origin
Life Expectancy
12 - 16 yrs 
Height Range
5 - 7 in (miniature); 8 - 10 in (standard) 
Weight Range
9 - 10 lbs (miniature); 15 - 25 lbs (standard) 
Any except white. Three coat types: smooth-haired, long-haired, wire-haired 
Fair; patience required 
With Children
Good; long-haired tend to do best with children 
With Animals
Varies; some may be dominant. Typically not a friend to cats 
Moderate climate 
Predominantly indoor with outdoor activity 
Exercise Reqd
High. Very active and needs regular exercise to stay healthy 
Grooming Reqd
Low. Long-haired required regular brushing 
User-Contributed Dachshund Photos
The Dachshund photos below have been submitted by site visitors. If you have or had a Dachshund and have Dachshund pictures you would like to submit, click the link below!
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Dachshund Pictures
Posted by ryan molina from dau,philippines
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Posted by karen from salem
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User-Contributed Dachshund Information
Below are user-submitted comments about Dachshund behavior, Dachshund training, Dachshund health, and more. If you have experience with or just an interest in the breed, you can post your comments by clicking the link below!

Favorite Dachshund Comments

My Dachshund, Sweetie, is my life!!! He is 4.5 years old. Short haired, red. I have read that Dachshunds are difficult to train and control. This little guy was the easiest to train. He is my third Dachsi and I adore him. He does nip at stangers...otherwise perfect!
- Posted by Carol Layton from ohio
I just love my mini doxies, what a pleasure to be owned by my two. They are very loving,loyal dogs, but do have a stubborn side to them also. My male Bouncer is an eager learner, while my female looks at me as if i'm speaking "greek". She'd rather not have to perform standard commands to get her treats, when she does perform a command or trick she does it very quickly and is done with it lol! She is wonderful, Bouncer too, i don't know what i'd do without my two little pals.
- Posted by Marla A. Bertino from Bridgeton New Jersey
Additional Dachshund Comments
It really comes down to how you take care of the dog. If you pusrcahe a puppy from a reputable breeder, and take care to train the puppy and socialize him or her well, to other dogs, children, and strangers, then you will wind up with a well adjusted dog who gets along well with everyone. Any dog will have to be watched carefully around children, and a younger dog might be too energetic for frail, elderly people. Labrador Retrievers, and Golden Retrievers generally make good family dogs, but the
- Posted by Tajah from WQwViiZtZZ