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Breed:   Rottweiler   |   Member Since 10/19/2021
Location Centerville, WA
Contact Ashlea
Phone 541-380-1911
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Owner Contract
The new owner contract shown is a sample posted by this member as a representative of the agreement you would enter into prior to obtaining a puppy/dog from this breeder. It is not, nor does it imply, a contract with or guarantee by, endorsement by of this contract, or any responsibility, express or implied, by The breeder listed is solely responsible for the content of this contract and its satisfaction. For your protection, recommends obtaining a printed, signed copy of any contract.

Cascade Rottweilers
of the Pacific Northwest Puppy/ Dog Contract
Ashlea LaZelle (541)380-1911

Puppy/Dog Information
Sex: _____ Date of Birth: ________________
Registered Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
Sire’s Name: __________________________________________________________________
Dam’s Name: __________________________________________________________________

I, Ashlea Dawn LaZelle, agree to sell one Rottweiler puppy/dog to the undersigned Buyer,
_________________________________, only and strictly under the written terms of this
A $300 deposit is required to reserve a puppy. At no time or for any reason is this deposit Refundable.
This contract is a commitment to a puppy/dog from Cascade Rottweilers of the Pacific Northwest
I, Ashlea Dawn LaZelle, Owner of said puppy/dog, to the best of my knowledge guarantee this puppy/dog to be in good health and disease free. Vaccinations and de-worming of above said puppy/dog are current at the time of sale. A health record, a document verifying a vet check from my Licensed Veterinarian and AKC registration papers for said puppy/dog will be provided to the Said Buyer at the time of purchase.
Said puppy/dog is guaranteed to be free of any life-threatening genetic conditions for 24 months. Said Seller DOES NOT make ANY guarantees against conditions caused by stress or environmental changes once Said Buyer takes physical possession of said puppy/dog. Therefore, our guarantee does not cover; giardia, parasites, hypoglycemia, viral or bacterial infections after said puppy/dog leaves our care. Included, but not limited to parvo, coccidiosis, distemper or corona virus because these are highly contagious diseases that can be contracted IMMEDIATELY upon leaving our property.
Said Buyer has 3 business days from date of purchase to have their puppy/dog examined by a Licensed Veterinarian. If said puppy/dog is found to have a life-threatening genetic condition, the Licensed Veterinarian is to contact Ashlea Dawn LaZelle via phone at (541) 380-1911 the same day as the examination. A written dated letter from the Licensed Veterinarian, all documentation of exams, tests conducted, and results of said tests MUST be provided to Said Seller as evidence of the said puppy/dog’s life-threatening genetic condition. Said Buyer must return said puppy/dog to Said Seller, Ashlea Dawn LaZelle, within 72 hours of diagnosis. Said Seller reserves the right to a second opinion from Sellers Licensed Veterinarian of choice.
If Said Buyer has fulfilled all the requirements, a replacement puppy/dog is to be offered. Said Seller will offer a replacement puppy/dog of equal value as soon as a replacement puppy/dog becomes available. Said Seller is at NO TIME required to reimburse Said Buyer for any medical costs, shipping costs, cost of crate, or any other incurred expenses for either the said puppy/dog or the replacement puppy/dog. All incurred expenses are the sole responsibility of Said Buyer. Once the replacement puppy/dog is received, the warrantee has been fulfilled. Extended warrantee is NOT transferable to the replacement puppy/dog. No Money will be refunded!
If there is evidence of ANY life-threatening condition of the said puppy/dog that is not genetic or was caused by Said Buyer or Said Buyer’s negligence, intentional or unintentional, this contract is Null and Void and said puppy/dog WILL NOT be replaced. IT IS AGREED AND UNDERSTOOD THAT NO MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED. Under the conditions of this contract, said puppy/dog is not allowed to jump off anything over their own shoulder height until 24 months of age. Rottweiler’s joints are not fully developed until this age, and allowing said puppy/dog to do so, could potentially damage growth plates, causing irreversible damage. This includes but is not limited to injuries to the hips and elbows.
It is the sole responsibility of Said Buyer to train or secure training of said puppy/dog. If Said Buyer is purchasing said puppy/dog as a “first time Rottweiler owner”, Said Buyer is to secure training and enroll said puppy/dog in dog training classes with a Certified Dog Trainer that specializes in working dog breeds and/or Rottweilers specifically. Prior to purchase, first time Rottweiler owners are to provide Said Seller with proof of enrollment with and the name and contact information of the Certified Dog Trainer of Said Buyers choice. The Rottweiler puppy/dog is what you make him or her. Your puppy/dog’s environment and how the puppy is raised is critical in how your puppy/dog turns out. The Rottweiler owner is responsible for ANY aggression or temperament problems. Said Seller reserves the right to refuse replacement of said puppy/dog returned for temperament.
Said Buyer accepts full responsibility for said puppy/dog upon taking physical possession. Said Buyer is liable for ANY damages or injuries, whether physical, mental, emotional or economic, caused by puppy/dog, to any person or animal, whether actual or legal, or to any property, whether real or personal, after receiving and acknowledging delivery and possession of puppy/dog.
Said puppy/dog is sold with AKC limited registration and at NO TME is to be used for breeding. In the event that said puppy/dog is bred in breach of this contract, it becomes null and void and damages in the amount of $10,000 must be paid to Said Seller. Said Buyer agrees to pay all costs associated with the resolution of this matter and fully understands that any legal proceedings taken to seek resolution regarding the breach of this contract and monetary compensation will take place in the courts of Klickitat County in Washington State.
We highly recommend your new puppy/dog not be spayed or neutered prior to 24 months of age. Said puppy/dog altered before 24 months of age via surgical procedure will be exempt from our 24 months health guarantee and Said Buyer will not be entitled to a replacement puppy/dog and NO money will be refunded! And this contract will be Null and Void.
At no point in time is said puppy/dog to be resold, rehomed, or surrendered to any animal shelter or rescue for ANY reason! If at any time Said Buyer is unable to house, feed or care for said puppy/dog, Said Buyer is to contact Said Seller and return said puppy/dog into my care. Again, NO money will be refunded.
At no time shall Said Seller be held responsible for any damages to Said Buyer’s/Owner’s property or household or to any person for injuries resulting from said puppy/dog biting anyone.
Said Buyer is responsible for ALL shipping costs related to the purchase of above said puppy/dog. In the case of a replacement puppy/dog being offered, Said Buyer is responsible for ALL shipping costs of returned puppy/dog AND replacement puppy/dog. Shipping costs include, but are not limited to, any REQUIRED health clearances and certificates issued by a licensed Veterinarian and said fees, puppy/dog crate, and all airline fees. All monies received are NON-REFUNDABLE. Said Buyer agrees that if the said puppy/dog is to be shipped, Said Buyer has 12 hours after time of pickup to notify Said Seller of the said puppy/dog arrival. If Said Buyer does not notify Said Seller within 12 hours after the pickup of the puppy, all guarantees of this of this contract is void.

This contract is Not Transferable
I agree to the terms laid out for the purchase of a Rottweiler puppy/dog from breeder, Ashlea Dawn LaZelle, at the purchase price of $__________ plus Shipping & Handling costs of
$____________ for a total of $__________. A $300.00 deposit is required for a reservation of a puppy/dog. Once a deposit is made it is a commitment by the buyer to purchase said puppy/dog and is therefore NON-REFUNDABLE. The total purchase amount must be paid in full by: _____________.
If the puppy/dog purchase price is not paid in full by the specified date, said puppy/dog will be placed up for sale again. Buyer will forfeit the deposit and right to said puppy/dog.
Deposit Amount: ____________________ Date: __________
Balance Due: _______________________ Date: __________

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________ State: __________ Zip: ______________________________
Phone: ________________________________

Buyer: ____________________________________________________________ Date: _____________________

Seller: ____________________________________________________________ Date: _____________________