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Numenor Kennels Cane Corso

Breed:   Cane Corso   |   Member Since 8/7/2014
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Numenor Kennels Puppy Application We like to get to know you and your family to get an insight to what kind of life one of our pups might have with you. The more information you share will help me give the appropriate details to you about our puppy process. Thank you in advance for filling out our application and your interest in our kennel.
Contact Information
Phone Number
Name First Last
Address City, State Zip
What is your interest in a Cane Corso?
Are you planning to spay/neuter?
Do you intend to show and/or breed?
What other pets do you currently own?If yes how many and breed?
Are you wanting a male or female?
Ears cropped or natural?
Do you plan to attend Obedience Class?
How do you plan to provide exercise for your Cane Corso?
Are you familiar with large breed health issues?
Do you live in an apartment or house?
Where will your Cane Corso live? ex: home, kennel, etc
If you have children, what are their ages?
When are you wanting a puppy? (date)
Share a typical day in your household.
Do you plan to crate train?
Any Additional info you would like to share