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Great Oaks Aussies

Breed:   Australian Shepherd   |   Member Since 2/2/2010
Location Homer, GA
Contact Corinne Lee
Phone 770-309-2385
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Health Guarantee
The health guarantee shown is posted by this member. It is not, nor does it imply, a guarantee by, an endorsement by of this guarantee, or any verification of this guarantee by The breeder listed is solely responsible for the content and satisfaction of this guarantee. For your protection, recommends obtaining a printed, signed copy of any health guarantee.
Seller guarantees that this puppy/dog is in excellent health and free from any illness or disease at the time of receipt. The current vaccinations and de-worming are as indicated on the Health Record attached. If the puppy/dog should require veterinary attendance within 48 hours of receipt, for illness or disease, seller agrees to pay all reasonable veterinary expenses upon receipt of itemized statement from a competent licensed veterinarian and a statement from said veterinarian that the illness or disease was contracted prior to said 48 hour time period. Or the puppy/dog may be returned at the buyer’s expense for a full refund when mutually agreed to by the seller. This guarantee does not extend to payment for veterinary examination or treatment due to negligence, mistreatment or accident to said puppy/dog. This guarantee does not include veterinary examinations or vaccinations.

The buyer agrees to take proper care of this Australian Shepherd to insure its health and welfare at all times, including; properly balanced nutrition and high quality feed, fresh water, proper shelter, regular grooming, care of teeth and nails, routine vaccinations and worming. Buyer also agrees that at no time will this dog be allowed to ride loose in the back of a pick-up or flatbed truck or be left unattended on a chain. Buyer further agrees to never allow this Australian Shepherd to roam freely, unattended in a non-fenced area. Great Oaks Aussies would always welcome any of our pups to be returned to us, at Buyer’s expense, for re-placement with a new family. Buyer agrees to neuter/spay their Great Oaks Aussie between 6 and 12 months, to allow him/her to grow close to adult size.

Seller guarantees said dog’s hips to receive a non-dysplastic rating in accordance to OFA guidelines and further guarantees said dog’s eyes to receive certification number from CERF. If said dog has been maintained in proper health, and yet fails to pass OFA/CERF, seller will refund half of the original price of the pup. This guarantee for the eyes and hips of said dog is valid through 28 months of age, and is null and void if said dog is used for breeding intentionally or unintentionally. Seller will refund no expenses for medical bills or shipping. No other guarantees apply to said puppy.