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Breed:   Tibetan Terrier   |   Member Since 8/2/2007
Location Scottsville, NY
Contact Charlene Wagner
Phone 585-703-8432
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Health Guarantee
The health guarantee shown is posted by this member. It is not, nor does it imply, a guarantee by, an endorsement by of this guarantee, or any verification of this guarantee by The breeder listed is solely responsible for the content and satisfaction of this guarantee. For your protection, recommends obtaining a printed, signed copy of any health guarantee.
One year guarantee for hereditary defects rendering the dog unsuitable as a pet. The dog will be replaced as soon as another one is available. The health of each puppy is guaranteed. The buyer must have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within 5 days. If the vet determines the puppy has health problems he must provide a written statement explaining the problem and the long term effect. The puppy may be returned for a full refund or replacement.