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Hidden Meadow Goldens

Breed:   Golden Retriever   |   Member Since 8/4/2006
The application below has been created and posted by this member, and when this application is completed, the answers are submitted only to this member, and this member may choose to respond at his/her discretion. does not review any completed applications.
Please feel free to complete an application. Before any application is considered to be added to the waiting list, we will schedule a phone interview. We are very careful in screening applicants in order to do everything in our power to make sure our pups go to forever homes. We also like to get to know our puppy parents to ensure a good match with the pup!
Contact Information
Phone Number
Do you prefer male or female; please explain why:
Does everyone in the family want a new puppy?:
Do you have children? If so what are their ages?:
Will this be your first family's dog?:
Yes      No
If no, what is your level of experience with dogs?:
Do you currently own a dog?:
Yes      No
If yes, age and breed of dogs currently owned:
Do you have any other pets?:
Yes      No
If so, what types?:
Do you have a fenced in yard?:
Yes      No
Will the puppy be home alone all day?:
If yes, will the puppy be taken out for a mid-day break and play time?
Will you continue the crate training we have started?:
Yes      No
Are you aware of the time and energy needed to care for a young puppy and willing and able to accept that responsibility?:
Yes      No
Do you have the means to budget the cost of a new puppy? (puppy shots, monthly heartworm and flea prevention, annual vaccinations, crate, bedding toys and grooming supplies, etc.)
Yes      No
Are you committed to caring for this puppy for its lifetime?:
Yes      No
Will you be attending an obedience class with your puppy?:
Yes      No
What is the name and number of the vet you will be using for the puppy?:
Have you used this vet before?:
Yes      No
If so, may we contact them for a reference
Yes      No
We request that at any time if you feel you are no longer able to care or keep the dog that he/she be returned to us.
Are you willing to agree to this?
Yes      No
All of our puppies are sold as pets on limited AKC registration only. Do you agree to spay/neuter your puppy before 7 months old or at an agreed upon time with your vet?
Yes      No
Please provide us with the name and number of two references:
I have answered all the above questions truthfully. I understand that if any intentionally false answers have been given, Hidden Meadow Goldens reserves the right not to sell to me. I also understand that completion of an application is not a guarantee that I will be approved to purchase a puppy from Hidden Meadow Goldens.
Signature (First Name Last Name):
Time that is convenient for phone interview:
Thank you for taking the time to complete an application and your interest in adding a Hidden Meadow Golden to your family. We like to speak with potential puppy parents soon after receiving an application and will want to get to know about you and your family as well as answer any questions you have for us. Thank you!