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Yuppy Puppy Havanese

Breed:   Havanese   |   Member Since 1/18/2005
Location Port St Lucie, FL
Contact JANET
Phone 941-468-7926
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Owner Contract
The new owner contract shown is a sample posted by this member as a representative of the agreement you would enter into prior to obtaining a puppy/dog from this breeder. It is not, nor does it imply, a contract with or guarantee by, endorsement by of this contract, or any responsibility, express or implied, by The breeder listed is solely responsible for the content of this contract and its satisfaction. For your protection, recommends obtaining a printed, signed copy of any contract.

This is a sample pet contract.... This contract is subject to change. This is just a sample of our terms and guarantees.

Non-Show/Breed Terms:
Buyer understands that Havanese, sex:_________, color: __________,
having the registered name: YUPs _(To be determined by buyer-______)
DOB: ___________________
SIRE: _______________________________________
DAM: ________________________________________
American Kennel Club Registration number: ________________

Herein after referred to as "Puppy" has been sold, to Buyer by Seller as "Non-Breed/show puppy" for the sum of $ ______. Non-Breed/show prospect shall be understood to mean that this puppy will have limited AKC registration and must be neutered/spayed by the age of 7 months.

I Seller guarantees that Puppy is in good health and has received appropriate medical inoculations and care including distemper & parvo inoculations and worming. Seller will provide Buyer with a Health Certificate detailing treatment Puppy has received under Seller's care.

II. Seller guarantees that Puppy is free of life threatening conditions for 72 hours after delivery to Buyer. Seller recommends a thorough vet exam within this time frame. Should a serious condition be found during the vet examination and attested to in writing by the buyer’s veterinarian, Seller will provide a replacement puppy as soon as such a puppy is available, (Providing a communicable disease is not present that would endanger another puppy) or refund 100% of purchase price. In this case, the Buyer must return the pup to the Seller immediately. All cost incurred to return the puppy and receive the replacement puppy will be paid for by the buyer. Buyer assumes full responsibility for the canine’s health after 72 hours.

III. Seller guarantees that until the puppy’s 2nd birthday, should puppy develop any genetic abnormality, that would significantly shorten the life span of the Puppy, attested to in writing to Seller by Buyer’s veterinarian, and canine specialist, and/or seller's choice of 2nd opinion veterinarian, the seller will provide Buyer with a replacement puppy as soon as such a puppy is available (providing a communicable disease is not present that would endanger another puppy). In this case, the Buyer must return the pup to the Seller at the Buyer’s expense or make satisfactory arrangements with the Seller, to provide high quality medical care to the Puppy at Buyers expense and maintain custody of the Puppy. If the Buyer, does not wish to have a replacement puppy… The seller will pay up to $500.00 toward medical expenses, but medically appropriate treatment must be administered. Juvenile cataracts are excluded from this guarantee, as they do not shorten the lifespan of the dog. Also Hip Dysplasia or Leg Perth’s caused from an INJURY are excluded from this guarantee. Seller strongly recommends Canine Insurance on your puppy. Seller provides the first 2 months thru the Iams company when buyer signs up for a 12 month plan.

IV. Seller agrees to have the puppy CERF'd (Certification of eyes) by a licensed vet ophthalmologist each year beginning at the age of 1 till the age of 7 and submit these results to the Breeder.

V. Buyer agrees to provide appropriate veterinarian treatment to puppy, including appropriate inoculations, parasite treatment, and heartworm treatment as recommended by buyers vet. Buyer also agrees to feed a high quality food to this puppy.

I. Seller strongly recommends that Buyer attend obedience classes with Puppy and provide proper socialization opportunities for Puppy.

II. Seller shall not be held responsible for acts of Puppy that are due to Buyers negligence.

I. It is agreed by the buyer that the above mentioned dog, or puppies produced by the above dog, will not be sold or given to any owner, employee, agent, or individual connected with a pet store or wholesaler of dogs. In the event that the buyer is responsible for the sale or gift of any of these dogs to the above mentioned organizations, the breeder shall have recourse in the courts for damages to their names and reputation in the financial sum of $10,000.00.

II. Seller maintains right of first refusal. If at any time the buyer is unable to keep the above dog, the buyer agrees to return the dog to the seller and immediately give the AKC papers to the seller. If the buyer, for whatever reason, does not give seller the right of first refusal, then seller has the right to repossess the dog from its new owners and seek recourse in the court of law.

III. Buyer understand that Seller will remain on AKC registration papers as co-owner until the spay/neuter clause is fulfilled and proof is submitted to seller. At that time the AKC Limited Registration papers will be given to the buyer as sole owner of the above Havanese.

IV. Buyer agrees to keep in contact with the seller at least once a year with pictures and information. Buyer also agrees to notify seller immediately with any change of address, phone number, email address or living situation.

V. Should Buyer choose to break any of the covenants of this Agreement, the remainder of the Agreement will be considered null and void, and Seller will have the right to repossess the puppy.

VI. Buyer and Seller agree that this Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Florida and may not be altered, modified or rescinded unless agreed to in writing by Buyer and Seller.