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Jalerran Siberians

Breed:   Siberian Husky   |   Member Since 10/21/2004
The application below has been created and posted by this member, and when this application is completed, the answers are submitted only to this member, and this member may choose to respond at his/her discretion. does not review any completed applications.
This is an application for a Jalerran Siberian. We are very careful about placing my pups in responsible, educated homes, so here are some questions that will help me get to know more about you.
Contact Information
Phone Number
Are you familiar with the breed characteristics of a Siberian (not off lead, predatory, blow coat, consistent training)?
Yes      No
Are you looking for an adult or puppy?
Will your dog or puppy be kept inside?
Will your dog or puppy receive routine veterinary care?
Yes      No
Will you want to have your puppy or dogs shipped to you, or will you be able to travel to Pennsylvania?
Our health guarantee, sales contract, and purchasing policies are outlined on our website. Have you looked at this information yet?
Yes      No
Do you know the difference between pet quality puppies and show quality puppies?
Are you looking for a puppy/dog for pet or show?
Have you ever been owned by a Siberian before?
Yes      No
Why are you interested in this breed of dog?