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It was only yesterday I saw that beautiful little face of urs and then in an instant u were gone.Hit by a car.The driver did stop but it was 2 late.U did not suffer ur passing was instant.U just like my other babies r the light of my life.Chic a poo i haven't stopped crying since u left us.When I held u in my arms last nite asking u 2 come bk 2 mommy,asking God not 2 take u.i knew u were gone,a part of me died w/u.I call out ur name then i remember ur not here.Sweetpea ur sleeping buddy has been going around the house looking for u.I have seen tears in her eyes.She looks at me so sad.U were only 3 1/2 yrs old.U brought love joy and happiness 2 us. U were my little unique girl w/that lil under bite u have.Oh Chicapoo mommy,daddy and sissy and all the other babies are going 2 miss u so much.I can't stop cryin it hurts so bad losing u.As it did when we lost toto-sarajane & missy dawn yrs ago.I still cry for them.Chicapoo,u will always be in my heart&memories,I love and miss u dearly.Remem
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