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Such a precious friend. You loved your people so much. Mom's protector. I hope you enjoyed your life as much as you seemed. The happiest dog I ever knew. Always playful, always happy. So willing to pl (more)
Placed: 1/30/2011
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My Noah
My Monster Man!!! No way to tell how much joy he brought to my life. He is the sweetest,most gentle Giant EVER. Lost to me forever on Jan 14,2010 I Love You So Much!
Placed: 1/15/2011
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Winnie, our little girl - will be with us forever
Winnie Schneewittchen Brief, born 11/11/1995 she left us on 12/20/2010. Born the last of a litter of at least 12 pups by her Mom Reina, a Collie & her Dad Rebel a yellow lab. She was born In Delaware (more)
Placed: 12/22/2010
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Beau Boy
Beau was my english springer spaniel and he was an awesome dog. I bought him with my birthday money too. We got hime when he was 3 months old he died a couple day befor his birth day. we really mis (more)
Placed: 11/3/2010
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We didn't rescue her, "She rescued us"
Rena strolled down our driveway 12 years ago; she was 5. We found her owner who had cancer and was looking for a home for her. We wanted her and he wanted us to have her...She found us. For 12 years w (more)
Placed: 10/12/2010
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Our Big baby bear Samson we lo ve you always xxxx
Our Baby samson was taken from us at only 21 month old by cancer . Our Hearts are breaking & our tears never stop.Our home is so empty with out you here.You was our big spoild bear who every one loved (more)
Placed: 8/21/2010
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In Memory of Daisy who passed away 8/09/2010
Farewell to Daisy, she will live on in spirit and memory. "Sometimes she sits at your feet looking into your
face with an expression so gentle and caressing that
the depth of hes gaze startles y (more)
Placed: 8/14/2010
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Placed: 7/9/2010
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My precious baby girl </3
I got my Luna-Beare about a month after my dog, Griffen , died of old age. Every single night Luna slept in my bed snuggled up in a ball right up against me. I miss the smell of her. And the way she u (more)
Placed: 7/6/2010
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minah, you were taken but not forgotten
You were only 8 months old and taken from me when you were hit by a car. I love and miss you so much. I miss snuggling with you and holding you while you sleep. I can't wait for the day when I see (more)
Placed: 7/6/2010
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