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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/26/2005
how long does it take shihtzus to have puppies

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7/31/05 There is no exact answer. It generally takes one hour between puppies to be born and usually 5-10 minutes for a mom to push a pup out. Females that have whelped pups previously may be shorter than first time moms. I hope this helped a little. But as I said they vary as do humans. Thank You, Mel Melody
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8/12/05 Melody is very correct! There is absolute no time schedule, every dog is different and every pregnancy is different just as in humans. Up until today I never had a bitch deliver except exactly on day 63, however, today I had a bitch deliver on day 60 and she popped a pup out every 35 minutes. We had 5 gorgeous puppies and mother and babies are doing great! But I wasn't expecting them for another 3 days and her signs were so small I didn't even know she was in labor until she began pushing. I have never had a bitch do that to me either. Her temperature didn't drop and all of a sudden I was birthing puppies. So trust Melody and I when we tell you there are NO tell-tell signs, nor are each pregnancy the same. Pam
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