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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/4/2005
how do i clean the discolor that comes from his eyes?

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6/6/05 There are several cleaners out there like Proclean, but have been told using peroxide is the best. Melody
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6/15/05 I personally have only found one true way to get the stain off of them. That is to feed them a homemade diet and give them bottled water. I have used tear stain products but I have never had them be stain free except when I cook for them. The stain that you see is an allergic reaction to the dyes and preservatives in their food and or the minerals in your water can cause the same response. You will notice that their feet will also turn red and anywhere else they lick. I have tried the peroxide as well and haven't seen any vast improvement. However, the products that they make it may depend on each dog individually depending on the cause. Sorry, I really wasn't much help. But the only way like I said I know to get rid of it and keep it away is to feed them a homemade diet and if you are like me with 17 dogs and more puppies on the way, I find it very difficult to cook for that many, so I just deal with the stain. I will recommend that you contact a handler who is in the showring alot Pam
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7/5/05 I think the stain is caused by chemical reaction to the pet's body secretions. Actually, distilled water is the best, according to my vet, and then using peroxide on a daily basis on a q-tip, 2 times a day, taking care not to get the peroxide in the eyes. Distilled water is different than bottled water. Bottled water still has chemicals in it, such as iron, etc. Distilled water has none is it as it has been boiled and filtered. Karen
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