Shih Tzu Questions

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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/17/2010
We own a wonderful little male Shih Tzu that will be two years old in March 2011. He weighs approx. 10lbs and his weight is ideal per the vet. We wish to get another and are trying to determine if we should get another male or a female. The dog we own now has not been neutered or bred yet. We naturally want the dogs to get along. We wish to get a dog that has not been weaned very long. What would you suggest we do? Thanks!!!

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12/3/10 I first would sugest to neuter your male if your not planning on breeding him it would be healthier for him to be neutered and especially if your thinking of getting another puppy...I would sugest either female or male if he is neutered ..if he is not another male will get him to start marking things that is if he hasnt started that already not being nuetered .... but to be honest if shihtzu's are neutered or spay you can have 2 males or 2 females together and they get along great ... this is again only my sugestion ...I have a liver male available he is 4 months old and loves dogs and kids and is a very happy spunky puppy ..listens to his name when you call him ..paper trained ..he was 1250 and has been reduced to 850.00 plus shipping ... my new born pups are a week old and only ready to go in January ...2 solid chocolate females and 2 solid black females the male is sold already from this litter ... Corrine
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