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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 6/8/2006
Can you breed a sister and brother

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6/20/06 No you cannot breed that close a bloodline. The results can be disasterous. Not only do you create personality problems but you also create behavioral issues that cannot be corrected. And worse yet, 99% of the time you will have a puppy that has genetic problems, such as hips that don't form correctly. I have a puppy that came from a breeding of a brother and sister, thank God they only ended up with one puppy. She is very anti-social which is so not a Shih Tzu and her hips where she should have a ball and socket to make her hips move correctly, she has half a ball in the socket. We have to monitor her jumping and walking very carefully. At this time we are able to keep her comfortable with anti-inflammatories and pain medication. But as she ages we will probably have to have some form of orthopaedic surgery done or she may not be able to walk when she gets older. We are saving the surgery as a last resort as orthopaedic surgery is very expensive and for what she has it will cost us Pam
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