Shih Tzu Questions

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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/11/2006
I am new on owning a pure breed animal. My question is that: What is the difference in CKC and Akc? The female pup that I have, Mother is CKC and I beleive the father is AKC, what does that mean for my Shih Tzu. I have registration papers from the Breeder saying that my femal is CKC is that right or wrong. I am very new at this please help.

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2/11/06 The CKC is the Canadian Kennel Club, the AKC is the American Kennel Club, The AKC has been around the longest and in my opinion the most reputable, keep in mind that is just my opinion. Your dog is registered with the CKC because it's bloodline isn't qualified to be registered with the AKC. The father being registered with the AKC does not qualify your dog to be registered with the AKC. In order for your dog to be considered a purebred by the AKC both parents have to be registered with them. Their are other organizations that are trying to do what the AKC does and for most people that is just to get papers with their dogs. The CKC doesn't require that both parents be of their organization, I do not understand how they can guarantee their bloodlines, but personally, AKC is tops! I wouldn't deal with any other. Your puppy having papers with the CKC is correct, because it does not qualify for papers from the AKC. For more information about the AKC you can go to their website, www.akc. Pam
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