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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/6/2006
Hello hello Pam, So sorry I have not written lately, so busy here at work where I check the site. Shirley has shown some improvements. She attempted to play with the neighbor dog a few days ago, something she loves to do and has not done since last Nov when this began, I was surprised. Then the last two days I saw her poking around in the dry dog food bowl and eat a little, I was like wow! maybe there is some hope? She still throws up and it is mainly slimmy salivation she swallows. I checked her teeth last night, poking around all over and she never flinched , however there was a tinge of blood at the gum line when I pressed against her gums on the left side, she didn't flinch then either? Where the teeth were pulled has healed nicely. I took her off babyfood and feed her Pedigree soft food in a pouch from Meijers for 46 cents. She still likes the yougurt and frozen bannanas. I have a syringe so will start her on the Pepto again. The drooling continues, I just put a towel under her. When she is calm and just lying she seems at peace with none of the above prblems, get her active and beware. Bowel movements are still normal. Either she has an ulcer or still has teeth problems? But I will stay diligent, she depends on me. I can also be contacted at I can send you a picture to an address of yours if you'd like? As always, thanks for your help. Dan

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2/7/06 Dan, would love a photo of Shirley! I bet you she has an stomach ulcer as we have talked of before. The activity increases the acid in her stomach that is when she gets sick. It will heal over time. But as you say, you must be diligent. The tinge of blood around her teeth would happen when she has eaten dry food, simply b/c she hasn't had any for a while. So it irritates her teeth which in turn irritates her gums. I wouldn't be worried about that unless she really bleeds alot. Am so glad you wrote I have been worried. But I do understand being busy. I have a litter of puppies due day after tomorrow. Been trying to get the other 17 dogs groomed before they get here. And we opened our Barkery at Christmas and the orders are beginning to pour in, I am doing my best to keep up but I am wearing thin. Had my little 6 1/2 lb. female artificially inseminated and another female to breed around the 15th. Puppies will be overflowing around here soon. LOL I am so glad that Shirley is improving. Pam
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