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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/19/2006
I could only find Pepermint, she won't use them so I am, still lookin for mint, but I like those also. Pepto Bismal, tried that, she hates it. The last Vet said she may have an ulcer and thus is being treated as such. Can't afford the tests to see if she does or not. Thus the reason for the Prilosec OTC she gets. We feed her small amounts and right now it is watch and see, other than that she is the same as before. Sometimes she is perky and then turns around and looks pitiful?? She loves her babyfood.

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1/20/06 I personally think she does have a stomach ulcer. It has been extremely irritated and becomes even worse every time she throws up. Stomach ulcers take a long time to heal even in people. The softer the diet you can keep her on, the easier it is on her stomach and everytime she throws up it irritates the ulcers. The yogurt, baby food and the Nurti-Cal will do absolute wonders for her. I remember my grandmother had a severe stomach ulcer and she was on baby food forever, but it worked and I will tell you something else, even though Shirley doesn't like the Pepto Bismol, have the vet give you a syringe or you can buy one from the pharmacy at WalMart. Give her the Pepto about 45 minutes before you feed her. It coats the stomach and the ulcer so when she does eat, it doesn't irritate the ulcer which in turn makes her throw up. My dogs don't like it either but when they are throwing up, I don't care if they like it. They are taking it b/c I know how well it works with them. She will have Pam
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