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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/13/2006
Hey Pam, yes we thought maybe she was getting too much in her stomach also and yes there is some food in her vomit. One Vet did tell me to give her tums if I had some, I had some flavored ones, generic, but she didn't like them, what kind of Rolaids do you use? I saw your web site and I see you are in Alabama, I am in Michigan I ran out of the Nutra Cal, need to get more. I read that maybe she needs a food suplement for digestive enzymes? Ever hear of Dinovite? Yesterday she seemed a bit more lively, so maybe we are making some progress, will limit food intake and see what that does. Thanks for your help. Dan

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1/14/06 I use Fresh Mint Rolaids. Brittney loves them, however she does NOT like the flavored ones nor does she like the generic. The generic are more grainy and I don't think they dissolve as well as the name brand Rolaids. The peppermint can be a bit strong. You know Pepto-Bismol is great for their stomach as well. I use it when somebody is throwing up or has a digestive bug.It is possible that she needs something for her digestion. No I haven't heard of Dinovite. You know what? It is possible that she has a stomach ulcer. The fact that she has begun to bark when she use not to, could indicate that she is nervous. The anesthesia could of triggered something that was on the verge but hadn't gone over the edge. Just a thought. I hope when you got to the website it came through ok for you. I have been having trouble with it. I think that Shirley's stomach is super, super sensitive right now for whatever reason and if you can continue to feed her 6-8 times a day in really small portions it w Pam
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