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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/12/2006
Hey Pam Thanks again for your information, as always greatly appreciated. Shirley (dog)is hanging in there. I gave her some baby food last night, she gobbled it up, but then ten minutes later, vomited. So I refed her, and she kept it down the rest of the evening and through the night. Not till she went outside and came back in after eating a dog treat and some water that she has been vomiting all day. This seems to be the daily pattern. She has a great appeitite, just can't keep it down for long. Usually when it comes back up its just clear liquid. She does have an orange liquid for nausea the first vet gave her. I wish I knew exactly what was wrong with this dog to help her, I know she is suffering. I hope with time she will come around soon, seems to be wasting away. Dan

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1/12/06 Maybe she is getting to much in her stomach at one time? She is just vomiting up clear liquid most of the time and not her food? Does the liquid have any food in it at all? Have you tried giving her rolaids? I have a dog that LOVES her rolaids. If I let her she will eat 3-4 before bed each night. Sometimes, she drinks her water to fast and will vomit it up. See if you give her like a tablespoon of food and wait 30 minutes, give her another tablespoon and wait 30 minutes, if she can keep it down.I am wondering if she is getting to much in her stomach at one time and that is why she is vomiting. My brain is in overdrive with Shirley. I just can't handle knowing that any of my babies are sick. I have to do everything and then some to make them feel better. I wish she was close enough that I could see her and what she is doing. She has me puzzled, but my brain won't stop thinking about her and any new ideas. Do you still have her on the Nutri-Cal? Keep that going every day and the PediaL Pam
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1/30/06 Hello, i am a shih tzu breeder and have found that most have an alergic reaction to some dog foods. there is a special can food that you can buy at the vets office we feed it to all our puppies after they are 6 weeks of age. it seems to work very well. regina