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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/10/2006
Hello Pam, here is the latest update on my dog. I followed all the previous advice, she loves the Nutra-Cal, eats it right off the tip of my finger. She still has an appetite and will gladly eat just about anything including the yougurt. At times she seems to be improving and then regresses. The drooling is not as profuse, but still occurs especially once coming in from outside or after eating. I massage behind her ears and throat which she loves. Still hates to take pills. In my opinion, she is still losing weight but then she does not eat a lot even having an appetite. She feels very bony unlike two months ago. When she does eat say chicken she just chews on it making a mess swallowing very little, She loved the babyfood also. Trying to ween her back onto dry dogfood but won't eat any. She still vomits now and then, but it is mainly a big puddle of saliva. Have tried taking her for a walk, starts out with energy, but after just 50 feet is tired already and I carry her while I walk the other two. Still has some congestion in her breathing. Have noticed recently attempts at playing with the other two dogs which ahs not happened in a while. When she does go outside, after doing whatever, she sits and barks at what seems like nothing? And so that is the update Pam. I very much appreciate your advice. Thank you. Dan

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1/11/06 I am so glad you wrote, I have been so worried about your baby! The Nutri-Cal will help give her an appetite. I am glad to hear she has an appetite. Her improving and regressing is normal to a point. She is in human years about 56, you realize that as a human if you have been ill for a month, it is going to take you alot longer to get well than you would of at let's say 26. And the same will apply to her. Her stomach has been extremely messed up. Her stomach has shrunk dramatically, just like when we starve ourselves trying to lose weight. So the fact that she really doesn't eat much is normal. The drooling is normal for some Shih Tzu's when they go outside. My aunt's dog does the same thing when she goes out. After eating, her body temperature probably goes up which would be normal b/c her body has shifted gears to digest what she has taken in. I wouldn't worry about the drooling. Have you contacted the vet about giving her a liquid form of medicine? If is not available, I know s Pam
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