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Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/12/2005
What is the appropriate amount to give to the studs parents if they do not want pick of the litter? What is an appropriate price for AKC SHIH TZUs for males and females?

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12/14/05 The price to pay for the use of the stud is completely up to the owner of the stud. And part of that is going to depend on the bloodline of the stud and the female that he will be bred to. An appropriate price for puppies, depends on the lineage of both parents. You also must take into account what they are selling for in your area. If you are not a breeder, you need to think twice before breeding a female. Not knowing what you are doing and the complications that usually take place during a delivery and after the birth can not only cost you the loss of the bitch but all the puppies as well. The average cost of a delivery of a litter of pups is $450. Complications that usually occur during the night when you have to call the vet in will then jump to about $700. Think long and hard before breeding a female and male if you aren't well prepared. Pam
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