Japanese Chin Questions

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Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 12/28/2007
As their hair is quite long, what are the requirements for grooming.How often should she be trimmed and how much? Brushing must be a must to avoid matting: everyday? 3x a week: bathing requirements. I appreciate any help I can get before the purchase is complete. I have two Shih-Tzus now. Thank you.

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1/13/08 Japanese Chin do not need to be trimmed. In fact on show dogs the only trimming that is ever done is the bottom of the feet. I do shave one of my neutered dogs in the summer because his coat is so heavy. I only do that once a year in spring and take him down to about 1/2 inch on his body and legs. I bathe my indoor dogs about every 2 weeks and my show dogs weekly. I brush them out before bathing and brush and blow dry after. That's pretty much it! Some dogs mya have more of a tendency to mat than others and those get a combing every week. They do shed and the coat is not like a shitzu. Diane
Ko Kuma