Japanese Chin Questions

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Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/1/2006
How do i go about finding a male chin to breed with my female chin? I think I know of someone that has a male chin but I am not sure how to ask or anything can you please get back to me asap? Thanks Jen

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4/3/07 Jen, I do not suggest to breed a Japanese Chin just because you want a litter of puppies. The whole purpose of breeding is to improve the quality, temperment, health issues of japanese Chin. There are no perfect dogs but breeding is a lifetime commitment. If you want to talk further feel free to e-mail me at my private e-mail: whitesnow3@juno.com Jackie Garfield J-Jim's Japanese Chin http://www.crestchin.netfirms.com Jackie