Japanese Chin Questions

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Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 10/15/2005
I have a Japanese Chin that is 1 year 3 month old and until recently never snapped at any one. All of a sudden since I was leaving him with one of the ladies that works for our vet, he started snapping at her, enough so that he ended up being housed at the vets for 2 days until we got back. I have started puppy lessons again, doing the training such as sit down, stay, done are a problem but he snapps at the trainer also. How can i get my loving pup pass this? Thanks.

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10/18/05 Your breeder should be able to help you with that one. Get in contact with breeder and and let them know the problem you are having. They will be able to give you instructions to help stop this behavior. Continue with puppy classes. Has he been neutered ? Have you recently changed his diet ? Any recent additions to your family ? What has changed for him recently ? Betty
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