Great Pyrenees Questions

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Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/4/2008
I'm going through the process of trying to adopt a 1yr old great pyrenees of I was asked on the application where she would be sleeping at night & I put in the backyard in a insulated dog house. The woman e-mailed me back saying they'd prefer to place the dog where she could sleep indoors. I told her that the type of dog she is and as big as she's going to get that she'd prefer to sleep outdoors. Our previous dog was lab/newfoundland & 150 lbs & lived outdoors without any problems. What do you think?

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1/15/08 It depends on the dog. The pyr breed is developed to live with and guard livestock. They often do not want to be away from that because the desire to "protect the herd" is very strong. They cannot do their job if they are not with the herd. If the pyr does not have animals to guard they consider "people" their herd. Can a pyr live out doors? Yes, absolutely. But many do not want to be separated from their people and prevented from doing their job. Another thing to consider. Pyrs are notorious escape artists. It is not wise to ever leave one alone in the back yard without supervision. If they don't have their herd to keep them company, they may decide to go on a walk-about. Robin