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English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/2/2005
when you breed a black/white male and female, do you have all black/white puppies?

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2/1/06 Yes usualy that is what you get. If the Parent carry other colors in thier back ground you might get one or two other colors depending on how strong the gean is. Annette annette
Pax Valley Springers
2/5/06 What you get depends on what genes the parents carry. All dogs have two genes (one from each parent) for color. In Springers, the possible color genes are black or liver. Black is dominant, which means that it will be expressed if present. Liver is recessive, which means it will be masked by black. Therefore, a black and white springer could have two genes for black (one from each parent) or one gene for black (from one parent) and one gene for liver (from the other). A liver springer has two liver genes, one from each parent. So, what color puppies you gets depends on the genes the parents have. Each black parent could have two black genes, or one black and one liver. They will each pass one of their genes on the the puppies. If the puppies get a black gene from either parent (or from both) they will be black. If they get a liver gene from each parent (so they have two) they will be liver. Generally speaking, when you breed two black/white dogs that each also have a liver Tiffani
Kalwa Springers
2/10/09 Black is in any breed dominant. The white is the "Merle" Factor. Black/white & black/white brings usually, black/white. Both are tricolored you should have all puppies tricolored. Gardner
vom King-Charles