English Springer Spaniel Questions

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English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 7/17/2008
I bought a puppy especially for breeding purposes, he checked out with an excellent pedigree and the breeder knew we wanted him for breeding purposes. he did tell us about the hernia he had but never mentioned that it would be hereditory or that it would cause problems in breeding, our vet confirmed this to us today on taking him for his injections. The breeder was KC registered do I have any come back and is it not safe to breed from my dog

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7/22/08 OK ' Bibical Hernia's are not that common .In Our ESS's . Hope you mean AKC not CKC or any other registery . Personally I look at the pedigree's and the whole dog . Never breed anything till the OFA on hip and Elbows come back at 24 months old .Then you would have had time to Blood DNA test for PRA . Cerf the eye's every year,Tempernment ,color and ex. Check any problems on the whole dog before breeding . Go to a AKC ABC's symposium about breeding. If its a female I would have her altered becouse of acurring problems it might have in life . But' if it a male just have the Hernia fixed . In New York state we have a puppy law .Any puppy sold and found to be unfit for sale by a NYSL vet.Within Two weeks of sale Agraculture Law says that the breeder is to take back the puppy and give you the whole refund sale of the pup . If you not have done your health checks on the dog you have at your house that you wanted to breed. You should be doing this before thinking on a reputabl Deborah
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2/10/09 Hernias are commonin any breed If the mother chewed th cord to short and then the puppiy can have an infection, results: Hernia You still can breed this dog later it dosen't matter, if its not to big. My first Springer here in the US had a Hernia and nothing happend to her with breeding. Gardner
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