English Springer Spaniel Questions

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English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniel Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/18/2004
What are repuatable breeders' responsibilitites regarding springer aggresiveness/ rage

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5/19/07 What is your responsibility ? Read The article about responsible breeder . Know one can really truly know what crops up in a litter . Some breeder's are very concerned with all health and do testing, research lines of pedigree's before buying or breeding into lines . If a dog does not work out for you .Always tell the breeder .You may get help on behavior technique's training .The breeder should be able to take the dog back as well . if the owner's think it could help . but' NEVER GIVE A DOG UP TO A PERSON THAT IS NOT QUALIFIED TO TAKE ON RESPONSIBILITY.It could be devastating to the dog and the people . Deborah
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