Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 3/8/2005
I was looking for help....My chi soon to come home is 6 weeks has short coat appearance, mom has short coat dad has long.. At about what week does the long hair usually develope..?

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3/14/05 Ususlly by 5 to 6 weeks the long coats will start getting a light fluffy coat start to come in. Vickie
Wynhaven Kennel
3/14/05 Usually a breeder will know the coat type by approximately 3 weeks of age. When a long coat is bred to a long coat they generally produce all long coats. You would surely know without a doubt the coat type at 6 weeks of age. Sometimes when you breed a long to a short, the coat can appear to be a little longer on the smooth coat especially around the neck area. Many people refer to this as a rough coat, but are still techinally a smooth coat. I hope this helps... Vicky
Envy Chihuahua's
11/5/06 full long coats do not develop until the dog is 2 yrs old Alexis & Steve
Vian Kennels Chihuahua's