Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 2/28/2008
I have a 4 year old that has never bred. I've had her with a proven male, but when he tries to mount, she gets nasty and he gives up. This time I decided to make her stand so she doesn't miss again. We have gotten 3 ties in 3 days, 18 minutes each. However, when the tie is broken, she instantly gushes out everything he put in her. It's not urine and it's instantaneous when the tie breaks. I have never seen this before. Any ideas? Do you think she can still get pregnant? I don't even let them pee after breeding to retain the higher sperm count. There's no way to stop this. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this before?

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7/27/08 yup. Sure she can be bred and it is highly likely. The male must have a lot of fluid in his sperm. Ruth