Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 1/23/2006
what drives a chihuahua to be able to be trained easily. Do you have any hints for a puppy that snaps, and potty training.

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1/23/06 Hey When the puppy is snapping I dont hit mine but I do scold them with a sturn voice and if you ahve akennel you keep htem in I put mine in it and tell them bad. As afar as the potty training peoiple do it differently. But you need to be on top of it. I personally housemine in a kennel or a sammll enclosed area. with paper. I leave them there unless I am playing with them. If you leave them running loose I have found its harder to train them because that have such a large area to roam in. While in there area you feed them after about 5 min after they eat I would take them out side or to what ever area you want them to go at on a pepe pad news paper what ever. Once they use the area pet them tell them ahow good they are. Take them out before bed time. They will have accidents in ther epen. But as they get older they want use the bath room where they live. You just keep doing this. But expect them to have accidents they are babies.But until they are fully trained I will confine them Robin
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1/25/06 Food and love for it's human are the main mostly (no bones) Alexis & Steve
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