Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 11/5/2005
can a female chihuahua give birth to a litter of more than one male chihuahua?

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11/7/05 Yes...A friend had it happen to her.. Patricia
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12/7/05 The AKC accepts litter registrations with two sires listed. However these two sired litters can also mean that a breeder is not keeping tract of her females and males and there might be other glitches in their records as well. Jamie
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1/23/06 It can Happen. It happen to me. Not intentionaly I bred my Boston Terrier. Brought her hom placed her in a 12X12 Pen. Didnt realize she was still in . My male chihuahua got in the pen some how. I didnt see them breed But when she had puppies she had 8 and three of them had Boston colors but there head looked more chihuahua so I took to vet and told him and he said the chihuahua probably mated with her near the end. So needless to say I gave all those pups away becasue I wasnt sure what they were. and didt want to take a chance. Robin
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11/5/06 yes ALL dogs can have litters from more then one can cats Alexis & Steve
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