Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/28/2005
I have 2 questions. 1- I just purchased a 9 week old male longcoat chihuahua. His ears are still floppy. Is there a time frame on when they become erect? I also have a 7 week old male and his ears have been up for a while. The 9 week old is about double the size of the 7 week old. Would that make a difference? Question 2- What do you think of inbreeding a son to a mother. I have been getting mixed answers on this subject. Even AKC said that there would be no problem. Please help.

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9/28/05 Hey, I am a breeder and I have a chihuahua that is 3 yrs old and her ears still flop sometimes. So really it just depends on the puppy. Breeding a mother and a son I really wouldn't worry to much about that. I don't see why it would matter, But then again I have never done that myself.The only thing that I have ever heard of a problem with is breeding a sister and a brother that is from the same litter. I hope that this helps you some. Ashley
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10/25/05 I feel it depends on the dog. I have a grown female whos ears come hlf way up. But all her pups ears stand. My vet said a lack of calicum at a early age I dont know.Because I started giveing her a tums with calicum daily they might have stood up some.My mother has rasied poodles for 30 yrs She has always bred mom to son and dad to daughter never brother and sisters same litter or diferent if they had same parents. And she has raised a lot of show quality dogs But I guess is to each his on. But if ever one of her dogs had a bad trait she didnt breed back to the same line. Robin
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12/7/05 Breeding mother to son or father to daughter is accepted by breed registry organizations(line Breeding) but I do not recomend it. Line breeding can bring out and magnify bad qualities as well as good qualities. Ears on chihuahuas can stand up from the get go and other might take months. As for size there are many size or growth charts out there to help determine size in adulthood from size of a young pup. Standard for a chihuahua is 2-6 pounds and under 9 inches. Jamie
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11/5/06 you bought a poorly bred mutt...get it neutered. Alexis & Steve
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