Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 9/23/2005
HELP I have a 15 month old 2.5lbs female chihuahua and a 8 month old 9lbs male chihuahua. My female has been in heat 2 times now and this last time we caught our male who is much larger mounting her. To our knowledge, they mated and got tied 3 times lasting at least 15 minutes each time. what are the chances she is pregnant, and what are the dangers of her having the pups with their size difference, if any?

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9/24/05 Good chance she is. You should bring her to a vet, they can end her pregnancy like a miscarriage, or the vet can advise further. You risk loosing you mom and her pups if you do not act quickly. A pup that small should not be bred, and even if bred to a smaller pup would probably need to have surgery to deliver, and you are at a high risk of loosing her and pups. A pup this small should be fixed to prevent her death. But, this is only my opinion...and I have not lost one yet. My female is 5.5 lbs, male 3.5, which she does real well with. Good luch and I hope she is okay! sandi
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9/26/05 In my opinion she is much too small to be breed. escpecially with a 9lb male. I would talk with your vet. you are risking her life to continue with the pregnancy. you should have her spayed as soon as possible. Why would they have been allowed to get together in the first place? You really need to becarful. i would have the male neutered. If he is neutered you will not have to deal with him spraying. Good luck. i hop your little girl is ok. LORI
12/7/05 I would have the pups aborded to save the moms health. It is also not to likely that the male is potent yet. Jamie
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1/25/06 she's most likely bred, I would have her spayed right away and abort the pups in the process. then I would learn how to be much more careful and lock up any females in heat keeping this from ever happening that I think of it, since you had to ask us what the chance is of the female being bred, I'd say your far to lax in judgement at this time to own dogs able to be bred, I would say spay/nuter all dogs in your home. Alexis & Steve
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