Chihuahua Questions

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Chihuahua Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 8/4/2005
The stud we used for our breeding has 'blue' in his line...two of the puppies born, are a greyish blue this the blue they are talking about? Does that increase their value? I'm not selling one of them, and the other one is spoken for, I just wanted to make sure I was asking a fair price.

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8/21/05 No color has no effect on the value of a chihuahua...or it's not ethicly so...but there are breeders who RIP people off everyday telling them blue is rare, lavander is rare, chocolate is rare, this is a teacup....blah blah blah...LIES a good breeder will never sell a dog based on color. a good breeder never sells a female for more then a male. a good breeder never says these are teacups. ************************************************ but to answer your basic question...yes the steel gray color is a blue. Alexis & Steve
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9/19/05 I agree with the previous response to your question. Let me add though, "BLUES" are known for many skin and hair problems. I do not personally incorporate "BLUES" into my breeding program. Gayle
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