Belgian Malinois Questions

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Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois Questions

A Visitor asked the following question on 5/4/2006
My boyfriend and I adopted a rescue pup (about 9 months at the time) from a shelter (this is my first dog and only his second-although his other dog was already trained). We've had her for about 4-5 months. Her breed has always been a question but I recently went to a seminar on training and behavior and the speaker said she's pretty certain that my dog is a Malinois. After doing some research on the breed I wonder if we're the right type of household for her. She's got all of the personality characteristics of a Malinois but in terms of her appearance we're pretty sure she's not pure bread. Her torso is a bit longer, her face isn't as narrow and she's got floppy ears and a white tip on her tail, and she's a bit smaller (almost 40lbs). Our concern is that she's not getting what she needs from us. She has been nearly impossible to train only listening to us when there's something in it for her (treats, a toy, etc.) We live in a medium sized one bedroom apartment. We have a big yard that she can play in but since it is not fenced and she refuses to come when called (unless she feels like it) we keep her on a 30 foot leash. We do our best to take her for walks and excercise but our schedule doesn't always allow for that. We love our little mutt (whatever she may be) but it's out of that love that we find ourselves asking if she would be better off in a household where she can run free and perhaps be challenged more. And if we do find it necessary to find her a better home can anyone suggest a place to begin looking? Is there anyone who takes in Malinois for special training or home placement?

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